Espai vertical, arnau estudi d'arquitectura

Fuente: arnau estudi d’arquitectura
Fotografía: Marc Torra

Compartimos hoy con vosotros el proyecto de reforma de una antigua vivienda entre medianeras para un estudio de proyectos de audiovisuales llevado a cabo por el equipo de arquitectura capitaneado por Arnau Vergés i Tejero en Olot.

About three hundred years ago, someone built this humble house in a narrow plot located in a steep alley. Someone who took humility and local building tradition as arguments to erect a fine building, made with materials from own site, clearly and easily organized and supported with great uniformity of structural resources.

After being use as a as home for several families and generations, our enthusiasm in facing the project was to recover those essences, still presents but already blurred, from the first builder: two stunning walls of rough stone, an edge vault very deformed, three discontinuous fragments of oak wood forged and vault ceramic, some stone and wood elements on the principal facade (hardly detectable under layers of paint and mortar)... But, above all, a vertical space caused by the need of make house grow in number and that now fill the space of quality. 

The new use we have to transform the building is study for audiovisual works. For this purpose, we conceive neutral and adaptable spaces. For the second floor, we develop a system of folding rails in order to have all the existing surface when needed. To relate workspaces smoothly, we get diagonally double height volumes that we have generated through stairs, one on the access and the other one the second floor. 

Año: 2013
Ubicación: Olot

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