Galería 1 - Lune de Sang, CHROFI

Fuente: CHROFI
Fotografía: Breett Boardman

Compartimos hoy con vosotros el proyecto llevado a cabo por el equipo de arquitectura australiano CHROFI para la construcción de un conjunto de galerías y espacios semi–cerrados para la empresa regional Lune de Sang; en que la situación del volumen, la continuidad del espacio exterior y la esencialidad de los elementos singularizan la intervención.

Lune de Sang is an unique inter-generational venture that will see a significant former dairying property in northern NSW transformed into a sustainably harvested forest. 

The vision is exceptional in that rather than planting a fast growing crop, various hardwoods of the region have been chosen to establish a rainforest landscape that will take generations to mature. The hardwoods will be tended to maturity and then selectively harvested, the long lifespan of the trees meaning a wait of between 50 and 300 years before the various species fully mature. 

We were captivated by this long term vision, a vision that goes beyond one’s lifetime. 

The design is a close collaboration with our client, one bound in collective understanding of the site, landscape and time. The rainforest timber’s unhurried growth has influenced our approach for inserting architecture in the site with all the buildings being designed to respond to the notion of a 300 year lifecycle. 

The structures, both for working and habitation, are endowed with a sense of permanence. They have been conceived as ruins in the landscape; ancient concrete and stone structures that have been unearthed and retrofitted for comfortable habitation with crisp glass and steel details. 

Año: 2013
Superficie: 1320m2
Ubicación: Northern Tablelands, Australia

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