Hangover, Nuno Pimenta

Fuente: Nuno Pimenta
Fotografía: Nuno Pimenta, José Campos

HANGOVER was a temporary, auto-constructed, low budget bar for Ignition festival - “an intergalactic encounter to celebrate music, architecture and nature”. This music festival, in an old abandoned homestead in Penafiel - Portugal, was built around the idea of having all its infrastructures auto-constructed and perfectly in tune with nature.

This bar should be as light and transparent as possible but simultaneously visible and festive. It was constructed over a pre-existing infrastructure on the site - an old stone water tank that had the perfect location and proportions for the bar. Despite it’s heaviness all added elements seem to be hanging over the stone tank. It is assembled from pre-fabricated cheap materials such as OSB panels, fiberglass corrugated sheets and used steel-props.

During the day the bar should be transparent and almost disguised in nature, creating light nuances and colorful shadows. At nighttime it should be visible in the darkness of the natural venue and recognizable as a hanging place.

Año: 2015
Ubicación: Penafiel, Portugal

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