Transustainable House, SUGAWARADAISUKE

Fuente: sugawaradaisuke
Fotografía: Jérémie Souteyrat

Built in the residential area of Tokyo, ‘ Transustainable House ‘ aims to respond to the 4 features of urban housing.

1) ‘Small building site’ – Extension of perceptional spaces beyond the limit
2) ‘Diverse style of living’ – Composition of spaces that allow arrangements
3) ‘Endlessly updating townscape’ – Surface that engraves the microclimate
4) ‘Artificial thermal environment’ – Diverse thermal environment that offer choices

These procedures make interior and exterior durable to different contexts of the site. The interior responds to transitions of residents’ lifestyles, while the exterior responds to the transitions surrounding the site. This house is not brought to perfection in the moments of the completion, but targets to enrich the quality of the environment by being intimate with the long lapse of time. This project shows a new solution for sustainable architecture that metamorphoses its existence over the time. 

Año: 2014
Superficie: 76,30m2
Ubicación: Tokio, Japón

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