Flerbrugerhus for DDS søndermarken, Sophus Sobye Arkitekter

Fuente: Sophus Sobye Arkitekter, dezeen
Fotografía: Rasmus Hjortshoj

Compartimos hoy con vosotros el Proyecto llevado a cabo por la firma danesa Sophus Sobye Arkitekter para la construcción de un nuevo centro de reunión comunal en la ciudad de Copenhague.
Formado por dos volúmenes de hormigón y cerramiento de madera, el nuevo centro establece un diálogo entre sus piezas y el espacio libre que limitan enfatizando la relación entre interior y exterior.

A pair of concrete buildings with mono-pitched roofs and shingle cladding provide a community space called the Village Hall and a separate scout hut. These share a courtyard in the centre of the site – a similar set-up to a pair of community centres set in the gardens of an old Flemish manse. 

The sloping roofs of both blocks are planted with sedum that changes from season to season in tune with the foliage in the park. 

The smaller of the two buildings is used by the scouts and contains group activity areas that open onto the courtyard. The outdoor area is enclosed by the pair of timber-clad buildings and a long concrete wall that connects them. It faces away from the street into the shrubbery of the adjacent park and contains a campfire at its centre. 

"The area's third facade is the park's trees and shrubs, which with its density gives the feel of being in the middle of a clearing in a forest," explained the architects. 
A wooden mezzanine over the workshop areas provides a makeshift bedroom for visiting scouts, and connects to a roof terrace between the two buildings. 

"The mezzanine level location means you inside will feel like sitting or lying in the middle of the canopy," said the architects. 

Año: 2015
Presupuesto: 9.000.000Kr
Superficie: 413m2

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