Centro de Artes Contemporáneo Archipélago, Menos é Mais Arquitectos + João Mendes Ribeiro

Fuente: menos é mais arquitectos, João Mendes Ribeirodezeen
Fotografía: José Campos

Compartimos hoy con vosotros el proyecto para el Centro de Artes Contemporáneo de São Miguel, llevado a cabo por el equipo de arquitectos portugués menos é mais arquitectos y João Mendes Ribeiro; y obra considerada dentro de los 40 primeros finalistas para la edición de 2015 de los Premios Mies van der Rohe de arquitectura.

Located on São Miguel, the largest of the volcanic islands that make up Portugal's Azores archipelago, the Arquipélago Contemporary Arts Centre is as a museum of art and culture related to the heritage of its location. 

The existing buildings feature rugged masonry walls built from volcanic stone. The architects added two large concrete buildings among these – one coated in a contrasting layer of bright white render, and another left unfinished to reveal a basalt aggregate. 

The first occupies a formerly empty part of the site, while the other replaces an old dilapidated structure. 

A small courtyard adjacent to the road marks the entrance to the new buildings. The theme of light and shadow continues inside, where some spaces boast bare walls and tiled floors, while others have been painted white and feature wooden surfaces. 

The thickness of the concrete walls allow the buildings to integrate passive heating and cooling. A rainwater harvesting system was also added, meaning recycled water can be used for the bathrooms. 

Año: 2014
Superficie: 12000m2

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