Restaurante Arturito, Candida Tabet Ar

Fuente: Candida Arquitectura
Fotografía: Rómulo Fialdini

This was a remodel project for an existing restaurant establishment. Our client desired something “joyful and laid back” as he thought the existing ambiance was a bit austere, dark and pretentious. In addition to being excited about this challenge, we were equally inspired by Paola Carosella, restaurant owner and chef, whose personality was extroverted, restless, lively and goal driven. Overall, the two most challenging aspect of the project were to go through the project without having to temporarily close the restaurant and dealing with a limited budget.

In terms of design, there was a complete fusion between landscape and architecture, as they were physically overlayed in a few ambiances. Over the existing blank facade we installed a steel tube grid meant to be tangled in vines that referenced back to the existing volumes and voids in a very simple and harmonious way. With very little soil contact and in a very tight space we were able to produce a 70m³ green coverage in an area of 30m², designated to be the restaurant´s waiting lounge. The result was a very green and pleasant area, while still having the advantage of being low maintenance. The predominant plant in this ensemble was the Aspargus Mimoso, a climbing plant that offered an airy feel while being physically resistant. We mixed the Aspargus Mimoso with a grapevine and Cipó de São Miguel so it would vertically “climb” the facade. On the lower part, we planted many flowers, such as anthuriums, orchids, dahlias, roses, amongst other flowers, that would blossom individually according to their season, being temporary mixed to the permanent greenery. This same overlay was repeated on the narrow garden-like seating area, unifying internal and external solutions. This subtle touch of green was able to lighten and cheer up the new looking restaurant. 

On the inside, we removed the dark wood cladding, exposing the white walls and installed large mirror panes; we replaced the upholstery for a colorful fabric with an exuberant pattern and replaced the chairs for light and transparent wicker chairs. The restaurant and waiting/bar area were equally considered. In the waiting area, we included armchairs and individual tables in a laid back and distinct environment. 

We focused on a conscious and responsible approach, with no waste or rubble while trying not to disrupt the restaurant’s routine: we also intended on delivering pleasant aesthetics and practicality

Año: 2013
Superfície: 260m2
Ubicaciín: Sao Paulo, Brasil

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