A Fábrica Cabeleireiros, Carlos Maria de Sousa

Fuente: Carlos Maria de Sousa, Sara Nunes

Compartimos hoy con vosotros el proyecto de reforma de un pequeño local en planta baja llamado “La Fábrica” en un salón de peluquería por parte del arquitecto portugués Carlos Maria de Sousa. Con el fin de conseguir una atmosfera diferenciada y de diferente dinámica al espacio anterior, se procura una máxima relación entre espacio interior y exterior así como elementos de diseño interior que recuerdan el carácter fabril del local.

This commercial space is located in Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, in the well-known “Montgeron” urbanization, in the north of the city. 

This space was closed for some time, having some marks of an anterior hairdresser salon installation. With 50 square meters, this space was paved with black ceramic, different color walls and a grey pillar beside a spiral staircase to a lower level. 

The main purpose was an installation of a new hair salon where people could live a new experience and a new dynamic in this kind of interior design. The idea was having an open space where the relation between “in” and “out” was very strong. 

Being a small space project, the strategy was the creation of a suspended and central triangular piece where mirrors were installed. This piece allows the possibility of a circular sequence to the different elements of the project: reception, washing, exposition and a barber chair. 

The interior design was suggested by the name of the space. “A Fábrica” that means Factory in Portuguese was the cause of some material choices. These materials were used in a way to give people a decontextualize experience of a typical Portuguese hairdresser salon. 

The key element of this project was the lighting. In a neighborhood where the street has few lights, it was necessary to define a strategy where the interior could highlight the new salon. From the central mirrored piece, a lot of wires distribute light through large round bulbs to the different working areas in an abundant but balanced way. These lights give some vertical dynamic because of their different levels. 

Año: 2013-2014
Ubicación: Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal

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