CEIP 215, H Arquitectes

Fuente: H Arquitectes
Fotografía: Adrià Goula

Compartimos hoy con vosotros el proyecto recientemente compartido en la nueva web del despacho de arquitectura H Arquitectes para la reforma y ampliación de una escuela en la localidad de Vidreres, en Girona; que reinterpreta tanto la posición de los diferentes cuerpos que componen el edificio con sus límites como la conjugación de sus en una intervención unitaria en forma de T.

The job of reforming and extending the school to more than twice its current area required a new wide-scale interpretation of the Project and the way it fits into its surroundings. 

From the initial position of individual buildings placed without apparent criteria, we propose to consolidate everything into single building, which with its letter “T” shape will allow the absorption of the existing school unit “Fuensalida” and allow the retention of the current gymnasium in its preferred position with respect to the sports ground. 

The current entrance is maintained for administrative use but in the connection between the original building and the extension there will be a new central covered space which joins the two playgrounds and provides access to both the infant school and the primary school and the communal services. 

The infant school will be structured in the form of a comb with courtyards opening out onto the neighbouring park. 

Año: 2007-2013
Superficie: 3748m2
Ubicación: Vidreres, Girona

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