Edge Effect, snØnetta

Fuente: snØnetta, divisare
Fotografía: Martin Bond

The often overlooked narrow threshold between boreal forest and open meadow, a particular set of species thrive between the two contrasting environments. By encircling a moment within this ecotone, Edge Effect creates an opportunity to explore and enjoy this condition. The garden is designed to heighten the simultaneous experience of both forest and meadow, where sun and shade mingle.

Passing through the garden, one will notice several conditions: the textural transformation of the ground from forest floor to un-mown field, the spatial transition from horizontal to vertical, and the moment where the edge becomes the center.

Designed to accommodate plants, animals and people, the steel structure incorporates an integral planter and supports a blanket of woven rope that flares out, providing places to lounge and look up at the open sky or the tree canopy overhead. The ropes are stretched with varying tautness, and gradually twist from horizontal in the field to vertical in the forest.

Año: 2014
Ubicación: Jardins de Métis, Quebec, Canada

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