Factoría Cultural Matadero de Madrid - Vivero de Industrias Creativas, OSS

Fuente: Office for Strategic Spaces – OSS
Fotografía: Simona Rota

Compartimos hoy el proyecto para el Vivero de Industrias Creativas enclavado en el centro de creación contemporánea Matadero-Madrid, Factoría Cultural es un espacio de 500m² a orillas del Manzanares diseñado por el arquitecto Ángel Borrego que forma parte del proyecto Office for Strategic Spaces.

The project is perhaps typical of crisis-stricken Europe, and particularly Spain, where the architect has to find a way out of the opposing tensions of having no money and big needs. We used very few, cheap, and easy to install materials, and we tried to achieve with them as many different and distinct work areas as possible, adapted to different needs. 

Three volumes near the entrance organize the space, folding and compressing the circulations around it. This creates a gradient, from compact to expansive, from busy to silent, that helps achieve variety in work spaces. In a little less than one month we built a reversible, vacuum-packed, 105 eur/m2 work, adaptable to the multitude of situations the client asked for. 

Superficie: 500m2
Ubicación: Madrid

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