Exhibición Premio Mies van der Rohe 2015

Fuente: Fundación Mies

Des del pasado 8 de mayo y hasta el próximo 9 de junio puede visitarse en el MHUBA Centro Oliva Artés (Parc Central del Poblenou) de Barcelona, para después viajar a Milan, Bruselas, Varsovia, Viena, Leuven, Shanghai y Hong Kong entre otras destinaciones con el objetivo de difundir la calidad de la arquitectura contemporánea europea.

Curated by the Prize Team at the Fundació Mies van der Rohe and conceived by architect Jorge Vidal (www.raholavidal.com), the exhibition presents a critical look at Contemporary European Architecture projects. Visitors will find the programme, use and relationship with the environment of the projects; their atmosphere, scale and tectonics; the contextualisation and relations between the works; and the creative processes of their authors. This information will be presented with models, 1to1 scale pieces of buildings, construction materials, interviews, graphics, texts, real size photos and videos filmed specifically for the show (www.nihaofilms.com) and from the different architecture studios. 

The exhibition will be open until June 9 and will then travel to Milan, Brussels, Warsaw, Vienna, Leuven, Shanghai, Hong Kong and many other places with the aim of disseminating the quality of contemporary architecture in Europe. 

We look forward to opening the exhibition curtain together and share the highest quality architecture built in Europe in the last two years.

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